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Blueprint Sound is a multifaceted entertainment company
We provide the best DJ’s and entertainment for everything from tasteful weddings to high-energy nightlife.

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Our services are renowned. Allow us to design the blueprint to your next event.


Blueprint Sound was founded in Las Vegas, Nevada and has become the premier global DJ booking agency. Our blueprint is simple: Develop artists and provide the best DJ’s and entertainment for everything from tasteful weddings to high-energy nightlife.

Our management agency strives to provide the best possible talent to national and international venues.

We recognize that the success of artists is reliant upon a carefully crafted vision including, but not limited to bookings, social media support, digital marketing, and public relations. Blueprint Sound is committed to giving our artists all of the tools necessary for success. With many years of expertise and research, we can provide services that cater to each artist’s specific needs.

BPS is focused on furthering artists in their professional career by providing guidance to craft their style and performance.

Whether we are working with the hottest international nightclubs, helping Fortune 500 companies secure DJs for their corporate events, or helping a client find the right DJ for their private events or weddings, our agency is known for providing our clients with top-of-the-line world-class service.

Through branding and marketing, our team of music and nightlife agents have helped launch international careers for our DJs. BPS Talent has guided nightclubs and other clients with music programming and continues to ensure a seamless process of talent buying.

By setting the musical backdrop for store openings, product launches and nightclubs, our DJs are an instrumental part of these events. As our company continues its rapid growth and level of international recognition, we remain absolutely committed to providing highly-collaborative one-on-one relationships with our DJs, venues, and corporate clients.


  • Branding​
  • Marketing and Promotions ​
  • Social Media Campaign​
  • Full management service is also available on a percentage basis for artists already breaking or established​
  • Radio promotion​
  • Public relations
  • ​Artist development
  • ​Day-to-day administration​
  • Digital strategy​Direct-to-fan distribution